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This is my FanFiction of, what could happen in Renesmee Carlie Cullen's life. If you can, I would apriciate your FeedBack. Remember to read down and up!

fredag den 1. januar 2010

PART 1: Why the...!

It was dark. The brown eyes stared at me. I did not see his face, just the eyes. The wind blev the long, broze-coulered hair away from my own brown eyes. I didnt know where i was...But i knew these eyes, this smell...
"Ness, wake up!,, My mon. Of course. How else can wake you up like this. "Reenesme Carlie Cullen!,, she yelled now "NEEE...,, she started screaming. "SHUT UP!,, i screamed back. Suddenly she was there, with the overwelming speed this life had given her. My mother was beutiful. even in her humen life, she had been pretty.
"Up and go Ness. First day in Forks High School!,, She smiled. "I can drive you and maybe see some of the kids and...,, she looked at me. I loved my mother, but right now i just wanted her to get out of my room! She saw my look, and said "Okay, okay. ìll go now. And wear something nice for a change.,, she looked at me with begging eyes. "And that is coming from you?,, i asked. My mom had looong darkbrown hair, and the usual golden eyes, and she had funny lips. "All right, ill see you downstairs in three minuts.,, and then she was gone. Downstairs i heard my dads voice "Bella, dont wake her up like that! It is allmost traumatic.,, My mom laughed and said "You always gave me a shock before, dont you remember?,, And then they both laughed.
We lived in the big white house, known as The Cullen-house. I had the little room, with the great windows. It had white walls and a great round beed. I was the only one in this family that slept.
I was sixteen, or not really. I stopped aging seven years ago. But still.
My parents and uncle Jasper and aunt Alice, lived in the house. My grandparents, Carlisle and Esme, lived with uncle Emmet an aunt Rosalie in New York in the winter, and then they moved to Vanouver, Canada at spring, and stayed there for the summer.
My mom and dad decided to move back to "For Charlies sake" my mom said. Charlie was my human grandfather. I had never seen my human grandmother. She lived some place in Florida. Well, now i was supposed to go to school in Forks. How fun. It is October, and middle of the semester. I repeat: How fun.

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