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mandag den 11. januar 2010

PART 9: My happy ending...

Alice was everywhere at the same time. She had been in Port Angeles, to by me about 20 sets of clothes. Then there was the make-up. And the endless row of shoes. Then she and Rosalie played stylists with me. Alice did the make-up, and Rose did the hair. Then they picked some clothes out, for me, and at last, they dressed me. The whole process took about five hours.
"Now, you can look!" Alice was exited to see the look on my face.
I turned around, and looked in the mirror. I saw myself, wearing a deep blue dress, right over the knee, black leggings, and a black leather jacket. My hair was shiny, and curly, and i had natural make-up. I was also wearing black shoes, and some colorful accessories. Retro and modern at the same time.
"Its awesome. Thanks, guys!" I gave them both a big hug.
"Yeah, well Jacob is going to be here in two minutes, so it was kind of last moment." Rosalie told me.
I heard the car outside. Jacob was picking Seth and Leah up, and then he was coming for me. We couldn't run, because there would be humans at the party. Everybody from my class was invited, as a favor from Claire. I ran down the stairs, and said bye to my mom. I just waved to my dad, he was still mad at me, because of the party. And he still wanted to talk to Jake. I growled, when i came out. My good mood was gone.
"Hey Ness! The present!" Alice yelled from the window. She threw the present, and i cached it, and waved up to her. Then i got into the car, still feeling mad, but it was better, now that Jacob was here.
"Whats wrong?" he asked me.
"My dad is just being a mental." i said. then we drove down to the reservation.
"By the way," Jake said, while we drove. "how did you get your dads permission? I thought you said, he didn't want you to go."
"Well, i told him, that i do what i want."
"The truth is always the best." he said.
I wanted to change the subject. "Any Wolfe-drama?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah!" Seth said. "Jake isn't happy for the mind reading now."
"Seth!" Jacob commanded. It was weird, seeing Seth getting smaller. It was a alfa-order. "Sorry." he mumbled, though, he didn't seem sorry.
"Why, what happened?" I was curious.
"Jake got a bit mad, when we found out," Leah explained. "but he cant keep it away. I mean, he isn't thinking of anything else." She smiled to me. Jake growled.
"You know, that's actually really sweet." I told Jacob, while we parked outside the hall.
"I told him, that i think so to, but he is to embarrassed." Leah said. Jacob blushed of my comment.
We went outside, and crossed the lot. We heard music from inside, and someone was screaming. drinking game, perhaps. There were about 80 guests at the party, and could smell all the different blood-smells. I recognized Vera's weird smell, Carols, Jason's... And then there was the wolfs. Their blood didn't smell nice. But i didn't hate the smell, like the rest of my family.
"Now, lets tjek out the bomb!" Seth said, when he opened the door.
Lights everywhere, people all around, and Quil and Claire, on stage. Quil was DJ, again. The music was totally loud.
"Gosh! This is an exploded bomb!" I yelled.
Then we all danced, drank, and laughed. This party was going to be epic. Leah was surrounded by a herd of boys. At firs, the boys looked at me. Someone even dared to flirt. But then they realized, that Jacob was my boyfriend (ill never get used to that), and that he was kind of big and scary. So they went over to Leah instead. But they still glanced at me, and when they did, Jacob got busy, kissing me.
Then, it was time for me, to get on stage. I had planned, what i would sing.
(Reenesmes playlist for Claire's birthday)
"GOOD NIGHT, LA PUSH!!!" I screamed in the microphone, when i finished. I jumped of the stage, and landed like a feather in Jacobs arms. He was so warm, and i was tired.
"Okay, everybody. Party games!" Claire yelled. "My geeky friend will give an extra number afterwards!"
"Hey!" i yelled to her.
Everyone went over to the east end of the hall, to a little Seven Minutes In Heaven-box.
"Now, i guess you all know the rules?" Emily asked. "Great, then our birthday kid will be the first one, in the box"
Claire giggled, while she went into the box.
"That one?" Emily asked.
"Nope!" Claire answered.
"That one?"
"Sure, why not?" Claire giggled again.
"Okay, you there, go in!" She commanded Jason. Poor guy.
"Iiiiih! You're one of Nessie's friends!" She giggled.
Jason whispered "Yeah, and your boyfriend is kind of big, so is it okay, if i dint kiss you?" He asked.
"Wow! You actually thought, that i would kiss you?" She said. "Well, you re wrooong!" And then i heard a bump, and Jason came out, with the hands between his legs. Claire kicked him!
"Ill never eat any of those balls." I joked. Everyone, except Jason, laughed.
The game went on. Emily kissed Sam in the box, and Vera kissed Paul. Embry didn't kiss anyone. He just stared at Vera, but i was to spinning, to figure that out.
"All right, Ness! That one?" Emily asked me, when i was finally in the box.
I smelled, which one, who was pulsing. I smelled and heard Lewis pulse beat. No way. "No!" I answered.
"That one?"
I heard Jake's pulse beat a little bit faster, so i chosed him. "Yes!" I said.
Jacob came into the box. He almost didn't fit in there.
"Hi." he whispered.
"Hello." I whispered back, before i crushed my lips to his. I felt his breath, his tongue in my mouth, and mine in his. His hands were brushing trough my long, curled hair, and i had my hands wrapped around his neck. I pressed my body against his...
"Okay, you two! Times up!" I heard Emily say. Jake let go. I sighed, when we went out. Carol was next to go into the box.
Suddenly, Jacob took my hand, and we ran across the hall, outside.
"They wont notice." He said, while we ran.
Suddenly, we were at an old tree. It was big, and clumsy. Jake took me on his back, and climbed up to the tree top. There was a huge branch, where he easily sat down, and put me on his lap.
"Wow!" I said. This was amazing. I could see the stars on the black sky. It was beautiful.
"You know what? I don't see the stars anymore." He said. "Because they are all silly an useless, when i have you." He kissed me, soft, but still passionate.
"I love you, Jacob Black." I whispered.
"And i love you, Reenesme Cullen." He whispered back.
He crushed his lips against mine, and this time, it wasn't just seven minutes in heaven.

AUTHORS NOTE: This isn't the end. Wait for more!
You know you love me ;D!

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