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fredag den 1. januar 2010

PART 2: Hes just Jake

"Mom, i can drive myself, okay?,, I stood in the garage with my mom, dad and aunt Alice. My mother had insisted of driving me to school. "Mom, why did you even let me get a license, if you wont let me drive...,, i asked. I was frustrated. "Because i want to see that place again, and...,, Alice cut her off "Why Bella? The building is not that historic.,, She looked at my mom. My dad sighed and said "Bella, everyone will stare at you.,, My mom looked thoughtfull, and then she said "All right, you get what you want, again.,, I sighed of relief, and opened the door on my babyblue Porsche. "Wait!,, my mom said "You tell me all about it, deal?,, She smiled, and i sighed. "Yes, mom, and bye!,, I slammed the door, and turned the stereo on. "Shit!,, Alice changed my violin-cd out, with some girly pop-thing. "Sorry sorry sorry...,, she yelled, while i changed cd. "Alice.,, Jasper sighed. "What? What is wrong with my music?,, She looked at him, like he had commited a serious crime. "See you later little one!,, he said, when i drove away. Just because i was smaller than he was, and a vampire hybrid, didnt mean he could call me that.
While i drove, i thoght about vampires. I was a vampire-hybrid, a half vampire etc. I could show people what i thought about, and nothing could stop me. When i was younger, i had to touch people, to show them what i was thinking. But now i just had to stare at them.
My thoughts went to the wolves, and, speaking of the sun, my cell rang.
"Hi, its Reenesme.,, i said, while i looked at the highroad. "Wow, were formal today. Whats the occation?,, It was Jacob, my best friend, who happened to be a warewolfe. "Oh, its you., i said, reliefed that it wasnt my uncle Emmet. He called sometimes, just so that he could tell me some new joke or something. "Who else? Well, Embry asked, if i could ask you to the party friday night. sooo...what do you say?,,
"Sure ill be there. What is he having a party for, anyway?,, i asked. "Ask him, he is having middleagecrises or something like that. Oh almost forgot it, your start in school today!,, I laughed"Well, your lucky you did.,, I said. "Nervous?,,he asked. "Pretty. And what if they wont like me?,, I could hear him laugh. "Well, the guys will!,, he said. I could see the school now. "Yeah, but hey Jake, ill see you later.,,I said "Okay, see you!,,
And then i drove in to the school parking lot

"Here you go ms. Cullen.,, The school sekretary gave me at least fifteen books, a map over the school, and my leg muscles cramped. "Thanks mrs...,, I looked at her desk sign "Mrs. Klark.,,
"Oh, it is my job, dear.,,
It wa not a problem to find the classrooms. But it was harder thing to find friends.
Noone had spoke to me, and i did not have any lunchdate either.
I went in to the cafeteria alone. There was no empty table. At least, i just had to eat, if there was anything i liked on the menu. I was more of a blood drinker, but i liked some human food.
I looked at the menu. And there it was. Chocolate muffins and pizza. And i was kind of hungry so there wasnt much to do.
The cafeteria was light, with white walls, and big windows. There were so many smells here, so it was very confusing. But i liked it.
As i had feared, all the tables were almost full. The table,next to the window on the left, had just three persons sitting around it, so i went over there.
"Excuse me.,, i said. They all looked up. There were two girls and one boy. The boy looked like Hugh Grant in a disturbing and wierd way. The girl on the left had darkblond hair, green eyes, and red glasses. She looked smart. The girl on the right had long black hair, and big brown eyes. If she stopped using that much mascara, she would have been pretty.
"Ehm...,, i started
"Yeah, what?,, the guy asked.
"Could i sit with you guys?,,
"The guy looked at me. And i guessed he was used to pretty girls? Jackass.
"What is your name?,, He asked.
"Reenesme Cullen. And you?,,
"Just sit down,, the boy said. I actually wanted to kill him now.
I sat down. Then i noticed a smell. A diffrent smell. There was blood, but still...
"I am Jason. And this is Carol and Vera.,, I looked at them once moore. The smell came from the blackhaird girl, named Vera.
"Im Carol.,, the darkblond girl said. "I have heard about you.,, she smiled.
"It seems to me, that you dont sit tigether in daily life. Am i right?,, I saw Jasons eyes gettin bigger. I only flirted with him, to get some answers (And because it was fun). And i was always good at it.
"No.,, he said, still under my spell. He shock his head "Ehm, now. Today is just full day.,, he said, smiling.
"And shoud i know what that means?,, i asked.
Vera sighed "It means, that everyne is in school today.,, She had a rough husky voice. Almost like Jasons.
Then they started talking about the school paper, the school teams and other school stuff.
Carol was nice, Vera was nice too, but still cooler than Carol. Jason was flirty. Carol told me, that he had once had four girlfriends at the same time.
Thank good, the day was over. I went out to my car whn i saw Jacob and his motorcykle.
"Yum, who is he?,, a girl named Hailey asked.
"Its Jake.,, i told her.
"Your boyfriend?,, she asked.
"No!,, i said "Hes just Jake.,,
"Hey, Ness!,, Jake yelled.
"Ill see you guys later!,, i said laudly, while i ran over to Jacob. As soon as i had jumped on the motorcycle, we drove away, down to La Push, the Quiluete reservation.
Then we stopped in front of his house. His father, Billy Black sat in his wheelchair.
"Hey kids!,, He smiled when we came in.
"So whats the plan today, mylady?,, Jake asked.
Suddenly ifelt the smell, and i saw his darkbrown eyes. And my heart beated faster than usual.
Wasnt he just Jake?

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