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mandag den 11. januar 2010

PART 8: Limit

We walked down to the beach. It was covered with a beautiful snow blanket. Jacob sat down on the old fallen tree, and i sat down next to him. Silence. I started to murmur a old song, which name, i didn't remember.
"Well," Jake said.
"Eh..." I was confused. "I was kind of hoping, that you would start."
"Funny, i hoped for the same thing." He said.
"So... What now?" I asked.
"Good question." He answered.
An awkward moment of silence.
"Should we do anything? Can we go on, with just being friends? Or should we stop being friends, or..." He cut me of.
"Nessie, i dint think, that we can be just friends again." He said.
"Somehow, i already knew that."
"So what are we, Nessie?"
"Well, I'm the Runaway-Kisser, and you re the guy i kissed." I answered.
He smiled. "You know, that doesn't help?"
"I know. But its funny!" I smiled back.
We laughed for a moment. Then there was more silence.
"Its not me, but you." He finally said. It started snowing. "I imprinted on you, Ness. Ill be everything, you want me to. But i will always love you like this. At first, i was your older brother, then your best friend. And now, i can be this. But only, if you want me to."
"Wait, back! Did you say, you loved me?" I said, loudly.
"No, i didn't!"
"Oh, yes you did!"
"All right." He gave up.
I smiled. I had always thought, that people overreacted, when someone said "I love you" to them. But it wasn't overreacting. It was nice. No, great, to feel, to hear those words.
"So," He said. "Are we crossing the limit?"
"Is there a limit?" I asked.
He looked at me. His brown eyes burning. And then i knew, that i couldn't deny this feeling. I loved him.
"No." I whispered, answering my own question.
His face was close to mine. I could feel his breath.
"So, I'm allowed to do this now?" He smiled, before he kissed me.
"You know, I'm staying this time." I told him.
"I know." He said, before we kissed again.

I felt the happiness. It was overwhelming.
After the kiss (or kisses) we went back to the hall, and helped fixing the last things. I wasn't sure what to wear. I had bunches of clothes, so it shouldn't be difficult, i thought, while i was driving home. When i came to the big white house, i knew that something was going on.
"Mom! Dad! Jazz!" I yelled "Anyone home?"
"Nessie." It was my dad. It was hard to control my thoughts.
"I know everything, so stop waisting your time." He said, with a cold tone.
"Well, then is there anything to talk about?" I asked.
"Yes." he answered "Sit down."
I sat down, on one of the white couches. He started walking.
"First, its your mom. She needs to know." He said. "And second, be gentle when you tell her. We thought this wouldn't happen for another two years, or so.
And third. I need to talk to Jacob about certain things."
"Dad, i can take care of my self! I'm sixteen, for gods sake!" I was mad.
"I dint care!" He almost yelled. "I am your father. And your mother deserves to know!" He was angry now.
"You don't have to talk to him, dad! Its embarrassing!"
"I repeat: I DON'T CARE!" He yelled now.
"Well, NEITHER DO I!" I yelled back.
"Then, you re not allowed to go to the party tomorrow!"
"You think, you can stop me?!"
"YES, I DO!"
"What the hell is going on here?" It was my aunt Alice. "Are you getting mental?"
"@#¤&%!" i mumbled.
"Nessie! Who learns you these words!" My mom said.
"My father!" I said, before i ran up the stairs.
I smacked my door, and fell down on my bed. I screamed in a big, fluffy pink pillow. I heard my dad and mom downstairs, having a small argument.
"Shes a teenager. They do things like this." My mom said.
"Well, she is a bit extreme." My dad was still angry.
"Edward, why do you want to speak to Jacob?" My mom asked, softly. I imagined her, wrapping her arms around my dad.
He sighed. "You will have to ask her about that." He told her.
A few minutes later, my mom was in my room. She was wearing a old t-shirt, and old, blue jeans.
"Tour dad told me everything, sweetie." She smiled friendly.
"How great!" I sighed.
"Baby, we knew this would happen. We just didn't know, that it was going to be this soon. It is kind of a chock, really." She smiled. "We just want you to be happy. Jacob is a good person. He can take care of you, and i trust him."
"But dad docent." I concluded.
"No, not really. Not when its you. You re his little pumpkin, remember? Hes just overreacting."
"So he wont talk to Jake?" I asked, hopeful.
"Sorry, but hes insisting."
"Mom, you're a shame for all women in the world, do you know that?"
"Yes, i do." She said. "But now, get some sleep. Long day tomorrow. Alice wont let you out of sight for at least five houres." She smiled. "Goodnight, Baby." She kissed me, on the forehead.
"Night, mommy." I mumbled, before i fell into deep, dreamless sleep.

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