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fredag den 1. januar 2010

PART 3: Okay, hes not just Jake! Happy?

We were in the old garage, handmade by Jacob Black himself. Jacob took two sodas from the minifridge in the corner. There was dirty in the garage, but thats how i liked it.
"Here, Stinky!,, he said, smiling.
"Thanks, Jumpy.,, He smiled at me. His smile was warm, and the worst part is, that it made my heart speed up. Why, lord, Why? Why was this so difficult. He was just Jake! I looked at him. He gave me his worried look.
"Im fine jake. Relax.,, Didnt seem to work.
"Sure?,, he asked "Because your mom will kill me, if your just this unhappy!..
"Jake, sadness and unhappyness are two diffrent things.,, i told him (again) "When your sad its like Oh-No-I-Hit-A-Rabbit-kind of feeling. Unhappyness is more like, if your mother dies or something like that. Or if i died, what would you say then?,, i asked.
"That wouldnt be unhappyness. It would be insanity. Or suecidal.,, Heartrace heartrace...
"Uh, your dramatic.,, i said "Im feeling the goosebumps.,,
"Sure!,, he said, when he started working with some small wierd things.
Why did i feel this way? He was Jacob. Nothing more, nothing less. But why did i feel warm when i saw him. Saw his face, his eyes. And his smell. He smelled like dog, and i liked that smell. And now, when i heard his voice, i didnt feel the same as this same morning. Then it had just been Hey Bud! But now...It was just so diffrent.
But he was just Jake! Exacly! He was just Jake. Now he was...Jacob. But what is the diffrence? What is the diffrence? I thought while i stared at him.
"What?,, he asked. Ups!
"Sorry. I must stop thinking while im staring at people,,, Shit!
"Yeah, i guess.,, He looked at my face. "But...Whats the difrence of what?,,
I looked at him again. "Well, just a guy from school.,, Jason could help me out here.
His eyes were jist stripes now. Was he jalous? (Heartrace) "What guy?,,
"Oh, its just Jason. He looks just like Hugh Grant, and i cant see any diffrence! Creepy, ha?,,
"Creepy.,, he said, and i think he mumbled "Hmf, Hugh Grant!,,
Suddenly someone opened the door.
"Hey guys!,, It was Embry, Quil, and Seth from Jakes pack.
"Hey marshmallows!,, Jacob said "Guess what! Nessie knows a guy who looks like Hugh Grant!,,
"Awesome!,, Seth said. And then he dumpet himself on the floor. Embry and Quil mumbled "Kid.,, At the same time. Embry turned to me.
"Hey, youre coming to the party tomorrow, right?,, he asked, hopefull.
"Yeah, the middleagecrises-party! Sure, ill be there!,, I smiled friendly.
"Cool.,, he said, and then he turned to Quil.
It was nice, sitting here with the guys. But it had to end. My mom called, and told me, that Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmet were coming. And Emmet had a hilarious joke to tell me. Alice told me, that it was the funniest joke ever (She saw it coming with her special gift. She saw the future) and i had to hear it myself!
I ran after my car, and drove home, after a "See You" from Jake.
It was fun having everyone in the house again. I ate, and Carlisle talked about their bad hunting in New York. Emmet told us the joke and it was funny. So funny, that i cried of laughing.

This night i dreamed about the same stuff, butt something had changed.
The eyes an smell, were closer now. I felt his nose against my chin, his breth in my ear...
And then, i knew who it was! The smell, the darkbrown eyes...I felt his lips on mine. It felt like he had waited so long for me...And in that moment i knew, that i loved this person.
And i also realized that Jake was not just Jake!

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