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søndag den 10. januar 2010

PART 7: Kiss and tell

I couldn't sleep. There was to much thinking to do. So i took it all at once.
Jacob Black wasn't my best friend anymore. He was... My boyfriend? My lover? I seriously didn't know.
My dad knew, i was sure about that. But he did not say anything when i got home. He hadn't told my mom, because she wouldn't be able to shut up about it. Only me, my dad, and Jacob knew. Great.
I rolled over in my huge round bed, and cuddled myself into the red bed stuff. I was tired, sure, but i just couldn't sleep. I had to think of something less important. Like school tomorrow. Our last school day and then three blessed weeks of Christmas-holiday. And then, Saturday, Claire's birthday party. I was helping her after school tomorrow. Leah would be there to, and then we could figure out some geeky party game like Seven Minutes In Heaven, or Kiss and tell, Truth or Consequences. Whatever. All those games had kisses and romance... Which is bringing us back to Jacob... Grrr!
I parked at my usual spot, on the school parking lot, getting my usual greetings by my usual friends. I went to History, where i sat next to the funny smelling girl, Vera. She had colored her hair blond, with one, big, pink highlight. But she still looked cool.
"Hi!" I said, when i sat down next to her.
"Hey." She said, casual and cool, as usual. Everything here was so usual.
Mrs. Hudson, our history teacher, was talking about world war 1. Everybody giggled, because she looked like she had been there herself. Or maybe she was a dinosaur! Even Vera laughed.
I sat down at our usual lunch table. It wasn't full day today, but Jason, Carol, and Vera still sat at my table every day. At the table there were also Hailey, George, Kate and Lewis. Full set.
"Have you guys heard about this huge party down at La Push?" Hailey asked. She loved gossip, and she knew, that i was up to date with the La Push-events.
"Yeah, someones birthday." Carol agreed.
"Do you know anything?" Hailey asked me.
"Yes. Its my friend, Claire's birthday." I answered.
"Could you get us in?" Jason asked.
"I don't know how big it is going to be. But ill try." I answered.
"Okay." Jason smiled his I-Like-You-smile. Yuk!
The rest of the day went slow. Biology. Gym. Art. But then, the bell rang.
Finally! I almost ran over to my car on, across the lot. When i came closer, i noticed that Jason was standing next to my car. What did he want?
"Hi, Jason!" I said "Whats up?"
"I wanted to ask you about something..." He started. My mom said, that every time a sentence begins with that, you better run away.
"Ask me what?" I should have listened to my mom.
"If you wanted to hang out sometime... You know, see a movie, eat and stuff." He looked hopeful
"Like a date?" I asked.
"Like a date." He answered. Jerk.
"Ehm..." I suddenly thought, like a reflex, that i couldn't do that to Jake. I quickly found another excuse. I didn't like Jason like that.
"Sorry, but I'm totally booked. Maybe some other time." I smiled friendly, and then jumped into my car, before he could say a word.
I saw some of the students, in a huge snowball-fight. Maybe Jake would send me a washer. When i thought of what happened last night...
I remembered it, while i drove down to La Push to help Claire with her birthday party. After the second kiss, we just stared at each other. And then i said "Eh... I have to go now." And then i just ran home. Pathetic. I was a total lunatic, a mental. How do you just run, after a kiss?
I drove to the La Push hall. It was more like a big gym. When i came in, i saw, that there were white walls, old wood floor, and four huge windows. Two toilets, and a second room. There was also a kitchen included. And the best part! A stage, with a guitar, drums, bas, and piano.
"Hi, Ness!" Claire screamed across the hall. She ran towards me, and gave me a big hug.
"Did you bring your guitar?" She asked.
"Yep." I answered, and saw Quil an Jacob building some kind of... Thing.
"Hey guys, Nessie is here!" Claire yelled across the hall.
"Cool!" Quil said. Jake sent me a more careful look.
"Hi Jake." I said.
"Hi." He looked at me. Confused, but glad.
I sent him a thought; We need to talk about it.
"Right now?" He said.
Claire pulled in my arm. Later. I thought to him. He smiled his winner-smile.
"Come on, try the gear." She said "You are our best singer." She begged.
"All right." I sighed, an jumped up to the stage. I grabbed my guitar, and Claire turned the microphone on.
"123." I counted. "Okay, it works. And now I'm singing. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!" I screamed, like a real musician would do it.
"YEAH!" Claire, Quil, and Jake screamed. Then i started with my new wrote song. Hot.
"WUHUUU!!!" They screamed, when i was done.
"Good night La Push!" I yelled, and turned of the microphone. Suddenly, the doors opened, and in came Seth, Sam, Emily, and Leah.
"We heard the noise." Sam smiled.
"You re great, Ness!" Seth said, smiling.
"Thanks." I said, and jumped of the stage.
"Come on, girls. We have a lot of work to do!" Claire commanded. "And boys. Help Jake and Quil!"
The girls sat down at one of the about ten tables. They were little and round, and close to the minibar.
"Cool." Leah said, pretty unimpressed.
"Yes, i know!" Claire said. "And you can get everything from the minibar!"
"Alcohol?" I asked.
"Everything." Claire smiled.
"Now," Emily started "We need some kind of schedule, or a list. Leah, give me the paper..." She continued.
They talked and talked and talked... It was endless. I glanced over to the boys. Seth and Sam were wearing old jeans and old t-shirts. Jacob and Quil were wearing just old jeans. It was very distracting.
"...and party games!" Claire finished her long speech.
"Hey, Ness you re good at games! Give us some ideas!" Emily suggested.
"Oh!" I looked at them, and then i remembered the games i had thought of this morning. "I was thinking, that we could play Seven Minutes In Heaven, or Truth Or Consequences?"
"That's great! I like Seven Minutes In Heaven. TOC sounds cool to." Claire said.
"Aren't there any games without kissing and cuddling?" Leah asked. She looked frustrated.
"Or Kiss an Tell?" I ignored Leah.
"That's our games!" Emily wrote them on her party list.
"I need some fresh air." I said to them "Ill be back in a minute!" I promised, and then i flew outside. I stared at Jacob through the door, sending him a thought.
We need to talk now!
He looked at me. I looked back, with big, round, puppy-begging eyes.
He stood up, and came out to me. "Okay, we can talk now." He almost whispered.
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