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fredag den 1. januar 2010

PART 4: Party all night...Until you get a heartattack

"Wow!,, I gasped. This was the biggest party, or the most crowded party ever! I looked at the banner again, and thought about Embrys middleagecrises. Oh well, you cant always get what you wanted.
I planned to tell Jacob tonight. And i was nervous! How could i have been nervous over schoolstart, when this was right around the corner? And again i thought: Shit!
"Whats wrong, Ness?,, Leah Clearwater asked. I didnt know, why or how we were friends, but we were.
"Nothing,, i told her "Just middleagecrises. Come on, lets go in.,, She smiled, when we went inside. Leah was this kind of exotic beuty, you know, long bleck hair, big black eyes, amazing bronze-skim. It actually mached my hair!
there was about seventy people in the little house. They were all wolves plus me, Kim, Claire and Sarah. There were discolights, a dj (Quil), and kareoke-singing. I loved singing, and maybe that was hov i could tell Jake! With singing! Genius idea, if you ask me.
The room smelled. And it was not nice. But then i saw Jake, and my heart took the highroad. He stood alone over at the snacktable.
"Hi, Jake!,, i smiled happy-smile to him.
"Oh my god! How can yoy do this, Ness youre wierd. Or a total freak!,, Leah told me. We had been dancing for about two and a half hour now, and honestly, my legs hurt. A little bit.
"Noo, really? I had no idea!,, I said.
"And why this mental drinking. Truth, are you an alchoholic?,,
"Not the last time i checked.,, I had been drinking, so that i could get some guts to tell Jake. But now i didnt see him.
"Hey, wheres Jake!,, i asked her.
"Now idea! I think he went outside or something!,, she yelled to me. The music was pretty loud.
"Ill go find him!,, i told her. And good adwice: do not drink that much. It dosent help, your just getting more nervous.
I went outside to look for him. It was beutiful. The moon, the stars...And the wind blew my hair away from my face. My dream!
And you dont have the guts to tell, that your in love your best friend! I thgouht. Never think in these sitioations!
"Jacob!,, i yelled. "Jaaake...,,
"Im here!,, He yelled.
I followed the sound, out to the river. The Quileute-River ran through the forest. It smelled nice. Like wood...And Jacob. The leefs had went of the trees, and something wasnt right.
"Hi, Jumpy!,, I smiled.
"Hey, what is going on, Ness?,, He asked. Heartrace...
"Well, i need to talk to you about somethin really important, so...,, My organs cramped when i saw his curious face. "Well, its us. Or You. No, its me...God, i dont know how to say this...,, I took a deep brath. "I am...,,
Suddenly, his cellphone rang. And here we go again; shit!
"Just a sec.,, he said before he picked up the phone. "Hey, its Jacob!,, He said. And then, his face changed. His eyes got bigger, and his mouth went open.
"What? No...,, He gasped for air. Like he was going to cry. "Yes...Youll take him to the hospital. And the chances...What?,, He looked sick. Yes, ill be there. "What did the doctor say?,, Oh, god! A doctor is never good news. I looked at him. He was worried. Was it Billy?
"Yes, thanks Sue. Youll go get Charlie? All right. What about Bella and Edward? Yes, shes here. Ill bring her...Thanks again Sue. Yeah, bye.,, He looked at me.
"What is wrong? Is it Billy? Or Charlie? Or...,, I couldnt breathe.
"Its my dad...,, Jacob looked so serious, like he was to a funural. "Sue Clearwater foun him, sitting in his wheelchair. But he wasnt breathing...,,
"Oh my god! Did he get a heartattack? Oh no...,, Not Billy! He was so kind and he was Jakes dad and everything, and...!
"Nessie, we have to go to the hospital!,, He took my hand, and we started running.
The trees flew away, and then we went into Jakes old Rabbit, and drove to the hospital. Jacob looked like a ghost.
"Are you all right?,, I asked, while we drive.
"Well, my father just got a heartattack, and he could die every minute. But exept from that, im fine!,, He said. He sounded upset.
"Well, it kind of messed everything up, so...!,, I sighed. I could not tell him now.
"Nessie?,, He asked.
"What was it, that you wanted to tell me? I mean, you seemed pretty upset?,,
"Its no big deal. Really.,, I said, when i saw his look. "And now isnt the time.,, I told him, but he still gave me the look. "Hey, youre dad is going to be fine Jake. I mean, Billy cant die. Hes strong, he will make it!,, I took his hand. Heartrace. "I promise.,,
"I am just freaked out right now...Look, theres Sue an Charlie!,,
We parked, and went over to them. Charlie looked like a zombie.
"Hes going to make it, right,?,, Jacob asked Charlie.
"Well, Billy is a strong man. Hell be all right.,, Charlie did not look to good.
"Dont worry, grandpa. I am sure, Billy is fine., I told him.
"We shouldnt stand out here. Let us go inside.,, Sue said "Your parents are there allready.,,
"Shit!,, I didnt think of my fathers mind-reading. Shit!
"Nessie?,, Charlie asked. "Are you all right?,,
No! My dad is going to know, that i have serious feelings for a warewolfe. And not anywho, but Jacob! "No, im fine.,, I told him.
When we were inside, my mom hugged me and said "Oh, its good youre all right!,, And my dad told us that the right doctor, was to far away.
"I will get him, when he comes over here.,, He said.
"I just cant believe this happened to Billy! He is such a great human!,, My mom was worried.
"He will be fine Bella...,, My dad told her. He hated seeing her unhappy.
I felt useless. My dad gave me the stare. I started talking to him in my mind.
Dad, you knew this would come...!
"Nessie, i just didnt know, that it woul be this soon, thats all.,,
Come on dad! I know that you are upset.
"Its youre choice. If it will make you happy.,,
"Thanks dad!,, I said out loud, and then i hugged him.
"What is that all about?,, Mom asked.
Dad, dont tell her! I will, when the time is right.
He nodded towards me, and said to her "Nessie will tell you, when time is allowing it.,, He smiled her favorite smile.
"All right then., She sighed.
Same thing wih Jake, dad?
"Okay.,, He smiled.
We waited for hours. When there had been three hours passing by, and it was 11pm,, i couldnt take anymore.
"I need coffee!,, I told them. "Ill be in the cafeteria if you need me.,,
I stood up, and walked to the cafeteria. White. Grey. Blue. Black. White. Grey... Get some colour in your life! Everything in here was one of those colours. It wasnt very pretty. Not at all. It could have been funny, but it just wasnt. Suddenly, i heard footsteps behind me.
"Hey, Ness!,, It was jake. Just Jake. Sorry, no, the man that i loved, my sun, my gras... Got it now!
"Hey!,, I smiled up to him. "Want some coffee?,, I asked, when we went into the white cafeteria. Blue furniture. Veeery funny.
"Yeah, sure.,, He smiled back. Heartrace...! "Sit, then ill get it. Do yu want something? Doughnut, bagel...?"
"Just coffee." I told him. And a kiss! Who was i? Marilyn Mnroe?
"Ill hurry!" He said, and then he hurried to the coffee machine. Then he came back, with a chocolate bagel and two cups of coffee.
"For you." He said to me, and gave me the plate with the bagel. "You cant not be hungry."
"You know me to well!" I loved chocolate bagels. My favorite human food. I took a bite, and drank some coffee. "Arent you hungry?" I asked him.
"Nah, not really." He answered. "What did you and youre dad talk about earlier?" He asked.
"Nothing important!" I said to loud.
"Really;" He was suspitious.
"Yes, really." I told him.
I finished my bagel, and we drank our coffee in silence. Suddenly, Sue was there.
"They have news!" She gasped.
We ran through the hallway, and back to the ugly blue-chair-place we sat in before.
A old doctor waited for us. My fathers face was not telling anything.
"You must be the young mr. Black?" He asked Jacob.
"Jacob." Jake told him.
"And you are the adorable ms. Cullen." He smiled to me "A pleasure to meet you."
"Thank you." I said. "Is there good news?"
"Oh yes, the old mr. Black!" He was serious now. "Mr. Black was old, and his heart was...tired. I am afraid, that he did not survive the treatment. I am very sorry."
"Wh...What?" Jacobs eyes were wet. "My dad is de...dead? He cant be...He cant...be dead. He is my father! There must be something...He cant be..." Tears were running down from his eyes. I started crying to.
I put my arms around him. It hurt me so much, to see him suffer. It made me suffer, and feel his pain rush through my own vanes. "Im so sorry, Jake!" I whispered.
"Why, why the h*** did i leave him. It is all my fault..." He blamed himself.
"No, it isnt, Jake! Youre a good person!" I whispered. "And i love you just as you are!"
Yes, i really love you.

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