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mandag den 11. januar 2010

PART 10:...or just more drama

As we were sitting there, making out, my cell phone rang.

I sighed, when we pulled away. What was the problem this time?

"Nessie?" Alice said, when I picked it up.

"Yeah, whats up?" I asked her.

"No, nothing. It´s just... Well, I saw, that we are getting guests tonight." she explained.

"Who?" I asked her.

"Nahuel and his sister, Helena." Alice told me. I sighed.



"And this is my problem, because..."

"No, it's nothing! I just thought you should know, thats all." Alice said. But still, she sounded worried.

"Okay." I just said. "See you later!" I said, before hanging up.

Jacob smiled to me, when he asked;

"What did she want?"

"Just telling me, that Nahuel is coming." I told him. "And his sister, Helena." I added. He sighed.

"More vampires."

I took his face between my hands, and kissed him gently.

"We are not supposed to worry about that." I murmured, before I kissed him again.

And this time, not so gently.


It was about 4.00 am, that we headed our way back to the house. Jacob drove me. When we parked outside, I didn't smell my parents. They were probably somewhere. It was dark inside.

"Can I ask for a goodnight kiss?" I asked him.

He leaned towards me, and kissed me gently on the mouth. I laid my arms around his neck, as the kiss grew more passionate. In that moment, everything else was useless, pointless. I just wanted him. As close to me, as physically possible.

He smelled good. His breath felt warm in my mouth. His hands went from my back, down to my waist ...

But, of course, I could feel my parents scent at that moment. I groaned, as we pulled away. He sighed.

I also smelled two new scents. Blood. This had to be Nahuel and Helena.

We stood out of the car. My parents appeared from the woods, and right after them were my entire vampire family, and our guests. I smiled friendly.

"Nessie!" Nahuel yelled, when he hugged me.

"Hey, Nahuel!" I said. It was so good, seeing him again, after all of these years.

Helena came slowly towards me. She had long, silver blond hair, and beautiful, ice blue eyes. There was something different about her scent. I went over to her, and shock her hand.

"Hi. I'm Renesmee." I said, smiling.

"I'm Helena." she answered in a very low voice.

I looked back at Jacob. He looked shocked. When Helena scented him, she gasped.

"Shape shifter?" she asked.

Jacob nodded, and asked her "Shape shifter from Alaska?"

She smiled.

"Half Alaskan-shape shifter." she answered. Now, I also noticed that familliar scent.

"Oh. Are you a shape shifter?" my mom said, surprised. Dad just smiled.

I guess, he already caught that, from Helena's thoughts.

There was something about the way, Jacob looked at her, that uncomforted me.

Sorry, it's short!

This is Helena: